Jean Monnet Chair

OwnEU project

The aim of this project is to increase the knowledge and capacities of Albanian academia and other stakeholders necessary for effectively supporting the EU accession process of Albania.  Although the process is perceived as built as a top- down exercise at national level, managed by central institutions, implications and impact is considerable at all levels and sectors of society. Hence, the role of academia and all groups is vital to ensuring best results in terms of benefits and positive impact for its citizens. OwnEU project contributes as a facilitator for building and disseminating theoretical and practical knowledge regarding the EU accession process. 

The overall objective is to build capacities and bridges of communication and dialogue among different groups of society (academia in primis, policy-makers and negotiating team members, civil society, interest groups, etc.), by increasing their capacities and knowledge of the process, and raising awareness on the best practices on how to move forward together.

By redesigning and adapting Masters courses curricula and organising several thematic workshop seminars, with the participation of students, members of the negotiating team, prominent experts and researchers, and other stakeholders, the project aims at achieving a more effective involvement and an increased ownership of the process by local stakeholders. This will contribute in informing Albanian society on the process and the importance of the EU values, increasing the EU visibility and communication in the country.